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Music in the Farm III

2009, oilpaint palette knife, 100x64 cm


2009, oilpaint palette knife, 90x64 cm

Fishermens Wives

2008, acryl, 80x100 cm

The Storyteller

2007, acryl, 80x100 cm

Three Sisters II

2014, acryl, -

Bambara Mask

2004, wood, acryl, tin, 20x64 cm


2004, wood, acryl, 22x60 cm

Eye Masks

2005, wood, acryl, -

Brown Mask

2004, oakwood, acryl, 22x61 cm

Mask Parade II

2010, acryl, 70x100 cm

The Thinker II

2006, wood, acryl, 15x15x35 cm


2006, wood, acryl, plastic, 32 cm

Owl Mother & Children

2015, wood, acryl, -

Mond op Slot

2002, wood, metal, 25x12x45 cm

Turtle (green/yellow)

2005, painted wood, 35x35x16cm

The Thinker V

2015, wood, acryl, 20x91 cm

Ronshon (bird spirit) III

2015, wood, acryl, 47x113 cm


2014, wood, acryl, -


2010, acryl, 55x80 cm

Open Head

2004, Wood, tin, 40x68 cm

African Woman

2006, Wood, acryl, 11x50 cm

Long Mask

2003, Wood, tin, 20x45 cm

The Well

2011, oilpaint palette knife, 90x60 cm

Burning Cloud

2011, oilpaint palette knife, 100x80 cm

Zebra Mask

2003, Wood, acryl, -

Jungle Mask

2003, Wood, acryl, 20x40 cm

Long Mask III

2005, Wood, 18x40 cm


2013, wood, acryl, 16x50 cm

Zandkleur met 3 koppen

gebleekt, 100% katoen

Zandkleur met 2 dansers

gebleekt, 100% katoen

Diverse kinder-T-shirts

100% katoen

Roestbruin met dansers, Vhals en getailleerd

100% katoen

Roestbruin met drie koppen en Vhals

100% katoen


2001, 30X40 cm

Girl with Waterpot

2004, 50X70 cm

Pick me

2004, 50X60 cm